10 Things To Do With A Sundeala Board


Sundeala Ltd have been around for over a century, since 1898 to be specific, and is thriving year by year. Sundeala prides itself on its ecological impact as a business, it’s product are made from 100% recycled materials and the process of manufacturing is equally environmentally friendly. The pin boards are made from recycled paper that has been highly compressed to create a durable, high quality product. Not only that, but the water they use from the River Cam is put back once this process is over and it’s pH balance is returned to it’s natural state. In 2015, TeacherBoards merged with Sundeala making us the biggest board manufacturer across the UK – and we are determined to keep bringing you the best products in the business!

When you think of notice boards the thought of an abandoned felt board at the back of an office may spring to mind, and if this is the case, you’re doing it wrong. There are tons of ideas and inspiration to utilise when you’re wanting to put your pin boards to good use. TeacherBoards Community have created a post full of inspiration on things to do with your Sundeala board. Whether you’re in education, at work, or at home, the possibilities are endless.

Colourful Classrooms

Spruce up your classroom displays this Spring. Sundeala pin boards are all staple friendly, pin retentive and the fabric covered options are even Velcro friendly. Brighten up the classroom decor by proudly displaying students’ work.

Sundeala Pin Board
Source: PanelWarehouse

Mind Maps

Use the board as a handy 3D mind map. This idea is brilliant for pulling together a functioning mood board, great for the little tasks and the big ones.

sundeala pin board mind map
Source: TeacherBoards


Bedroom Decor

Sundeala also has colourful cut out shapes which are perfect for early learning spaces and children’s bedrooms. Pin up pictures and artwork in their bedroom to brighten it up and you can say goodbye to nasty blue tack marks and pin holes in your walls.

sundeala pin board shapes
Source: Sundeala

Home Offices

If you have a home office, you may want your work space to feel comforting and decorative. Our Sundeala boards offer 7 different colour options and comes in a whole range of  standard and bespoke sizes to suit your every need. This wooden framed notice board isn’t professional but stylish making it a great addition to your home work space.

sundeala notice board with wood frame
Source: Sundeala

Sundeala Hobbyboard

Use your Sundeala board as a protective surface when your enjoying your hobbies, arts and crafts, and potentially messy tasks. Your Hobbyboard will have a soft but extremely durable finish. Sundeala boards can stand paint, PVA glue, and other substances that may ruin your flooring, walls or furniture. Not only that, you can also sand down the board after use and pinning to restore it to its original, smooth condition.

sundeala hobbyboard
Source: Sundeala

Promote your Events

Display your important notices, ‘after-hours’ clubs and upcoming events for your school or business – this can be useful for your staff, students or customers. This idea below is promoting an after school club using colourful images, photographs and information, a sure way to grab anybody’s attention.

sundeala notice board with wood frame
Source: PanelWarehouse

Canvas Creations

Why not follow in the footsteps of famous artist Francis Bacon and his work ‘Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion(1944)‘. Fun Fact: Mr Bacon used Sundeala fibre board as his art canvas in the early 1940’s. Due to it’s material, our Sundeala boards can be painted – it works best to cover it in a mixture of water and PVA to create a clear seal over the board and it will still be pinnable once it’s finished!

francis bacon art
Source: Wikipedia

Picture Perfect Playrooms

Create a Sundeala wall in your children’s play room for endless amount of fun. Let your kids run wild with these boards – you can paint them, pin them, and put pictures up to create a wall of fun for the whole family to enjoy. We have an unframed option available for you to slot the boards together or we can make a bespoke size for those complicated and non-standard spaces.

Sundeala colour board with wood frame
Source: TeacherBoards

DIY – Do it yourself

As these boards are made from highly compressed paper with the right tools you can cut down the board yourself. Make your own shapes or sizes to fit your every need and create something completely bespoke just for you.

sundeala colourboard
Source: Sundeala

Start the Cycle Again

Although our boards can last a lifetime and are virtually maintenance free, once your board has come to the end of it’s life you can restart the life-cycle and recycle the board. Each part of this board is recycable, we aim to be ecologically friendly until the end!

Source: Pixabay


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