10 Science Experiments You Can Do From Home

When people think of science experiments, many of us think of explosions, fire, slime, and a whole load of mess that needs to be cleared up. TeacherBoards have put together a ‘house-friendly’ list of science experiments you can do with your children whilst teaching from home. Science is great for letting young minds wonder, and having something practical to do during these stressful times can help you de-stress and feel motivated.

  1. The Germ and Soap Experiment (CBeebies) All you need for this is a large bowl, some soap, pepper, and water. This experiment is a brilliant way of showing your kids why it’s important to wash your hands properly to stop the spread of germs.
Source: BBC/Cbeebies

2. Create Your Own Lava Lamp (Science Fun) Have a throwback to the 90s with this retro lava lamp experiment. Most of the ingredients are popular household items, such as vegatable oil and food colouring, making it cost effective and easy to make.

Source: ScienceFun

3. Race A Balloon Powered Car (The School Run) Build a balloon powered car to help explore the wonders of pyhsics with your children. This is a super fun experiment that doesn’t require much equipment, you can build it with recycled goods.

Source: TheSchoolRun

4. Save The Dinosaur Waterproofing Investigation (Science Sparks) This task is great fun for all the dinosaur lovers out there. “The idea is to colour in each dinosaur and cover them with different test materials. Once each dinosaur is completely covered spray with water and uncover to see which dinosaur is the driest. Materials which do not absorb water are said to be waterproof”.

Source: ScienceSparks

5. Make Colourful Slime (The Best Ideas For Kids) This is still a popular science experiment for many children, and there are so many different ways to make colourful, glittery, glowy slime. Follow the recipe below to make a child-friendly rainbow concoction.


6. Erupting Volcano Science Experiment (Day Out With The Kids) This volcano concoction is best experimented with in the garden. If you don’t have access to one, make sure to lay down some newspaper. The erupting volcano is great fun and shows the effects of mixing contrasting ingredients together.

Source: DayOutWithTheKids

7. Make Eggshell Geode Crystals (Science Bob) This is another classic science experiment that is easy to do, but fun to see the results. “Dissolving the crystals in hot water created what is called a “super-saturated solution.” This basically means that the salts took advantage of the energy of the hot water to help them dissolve until there was no more space between molecules in the solution”.

Source: ScienceBob

8. Get Electricity From Coins (Science Focus) This experiment is sure to WOW you. Spark your student’s imagination by showing them this electrochemical process using a 2 pence and a 10 pence coin.

Source: ScienceFocus

9. Create A DIY Parachute (CBeebies) Explore the process of gravity by making these fantastic DIY parachutes. This is a mixture of science and arts and crafts, so be sure to get your art caps on.


10. Melting Chocolate Experiment (Science Kids) Show your students how to put together a report and analyse their findings with this incredibly yummy melting chocolate experiment. Use different types of chocolate (milk, white, and dark) and different temperatures to see how they react. Jot down your findings in a table to see what results you get, and enjoy the rest of the chocolate for yourselves.

Source: ScienceKids


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