10 Quotes to Remind You Why You Chose to Teach

teaching quotes

The build up to going back into the classroom and starting afresh the school year can be a nerve wracking thought (for the students as well). Teacherboards Community have picked out some inspiring and motivational quotes to remind you why you got into teaching in the first place.

How about this one reminding you that your hard work pays off?

teacherboards inspirational education quotes
Source: Timeplan

Wise words from the man himself…

teaching quotes
Source: Etsy

Maybe this Nelson Mandela quote will kick start your aspirations to change the world one lesson at a time.

education teaching quotes
Source: Etsy

A reminder that your positive attitude in the classroom really pays off!

teaching quotes
Source: Pinterest

A friendly lesson in confidence for when you feel like your entire class is against you, a great lesson to teach your students too.

teaching quotes
Source: HealthyPlace

Only teachers will understand the added pressure of finding a baby name that doesn’t give you nightmares!

relateable teaching quotes
Source: Buzzfeed

For those days when you feel like teaching is going through one ear and out the other. You can do it!

teaching quotes
Source: ClassroomKey

It’s not all about going by the book, remember that your creativity counts! The best teachers are the ones that can inspire.

teaching quotes
Source: Etsy

Although the first thing on your mind when you get back into the classroom after the 6 weeks holidays are over may be ‘how long till Christmas?’, this quote reminds you that your presence in the classroom really does matter.

teaching quotes
Source: TheBerry

And finally, this quote reminds you that creativity in the classroom can really help your students go further. This quote may inspire you to bring out the genius in every pupil!

teaching quotes
Source: PrettyDesigns

We hope Teacherboards Community has managed to motivate you for your first week back in the classroom and good luck to you all!


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