10 Products to Help Turn Your Office into Your Happy Place

From bubble wrap calendars to personalised printed notice boards – a quick guide to turning your office into a fun, happy environment.

1. An inspirational computer background


Source: Sarah Hearts

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2. Make yourself at home and rest your feet with an adjustable hammock


Source: Accmart

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3.  An optimistic weekly planning schedule which doubles up as a mouse pad

weekly planner

Source: Knock Knock

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4. Decorative pens that resemble plants to add a splash of colour to your desk


Source: AliExpress

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5. An Emoji Flip Book Desk Presenter for when words just aren’t enough

emoji1 emoji2

6. A satisfying poppable bubble wrap calendar


Source: Bubble calendar LLC

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7. A personalised printed notice board for displaying all of your important notes. This ‘Up’ inspired glass board is our favourite.

Printed Glass

Source: TeacherBoards

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8. Fancy metallic galaxy keyboard stickers


keyboard stickers

Source: Amazon

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9. A mug that signifies your love for tea


Source: Etsy

10. A handy pillow for a lunchtime power nap


Source: Pinterest

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What are your must have office supplies?! Let us know on Twitter @Teacherboards



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